The Adventures of Prince Diamond

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25 Comments on “The Adventures of Prince Diamond

  1. Hello Pirate! 🙂

    OI OI OI….. NOW it’s happeneing! you’ve been waiting for so long, and finally your dream will come true. It’s so great to see that it IS possible to turn the dreams to the reality!
    I wish you all the best in your new way of life, enjoy every second! 🙂


  2. Hello:

    Nice to see you are on your way to a sailing life.

    I’ll dial in to see how you do. Enjoy.


  3. Glad to see you are going to be blogging! Your adventure finally begins, hopefully with some lovely weather and gentle seas, Everyone in my home wishes you the best and hope events exceed your expectations!

  4. You are living proof if I ever saw it my friend, Keep your dreams alive!!! I look forward to following along you as you start living your dream. wishing you nothing but the best as you set of on your incredible journey, Lets raise a glass and toast to Brian May your days be filled with wonderful sunshine and beautiful sunsets!

  5. Hi my dear Brian Domander

    Woow congratulation

    Thank you because you remind me and you send me this page

    I hope you and your family are fine.


    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Thrilled For You!

    Hi Brian!

    I’m happy that you’re finally sailing. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy every moment of it.
    Good Luck on your adventure. And thank you for taking us along with you by keeping us
    posted on your journey.


  7. I’m excited for you dear ..for your opportunity to realized your long held dream! It was fun to bring it about and I look forward to joining you. I’m wishing you happy and safe sailing and we all look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  8. Jeff and I wish you smooth sailing and many happy adventures. We look forward to following along on your blog. Great idea! Best wishes, always.

  9. Looks fabulous, cuz. Have a great, safe, adventurous journey. Hope to catch up to you sometime and check out the boat!

  10. Hello Brian!
    it seems like everything is going as expected for you. Enjoy every moment of your adventures wherever you will be sailing to.
    Look forward to reading your notes on every place you will discover and all the people you will get a chance to meet.
    Good luck to you on your adventures.

  11. Hi Brian,
    I am so happy for you. A sailors Life, just like you wanted and for a whole year by yourself.
    I wish you smooth sailing, good weather, lots of fun and gloriious sunsets. Thanks for creating this webpage and blogging. My family wishes you a safe journey and happiness.
    Best wishes from all of us.
    Ingrid xo

  12. Thanks for sending me this, Brian. What a beautiful boat! I hope that you can delay your next adventure until after September 15. Have a great sail.

  13. hi Brian,
    Happy sailing. Hope you had a wonderful Victoria Day May Long weekend, although I guess every day is a holiday for you now. At any rate I had a great weekend with friends and went to the blue jays game this past Sunday at Skydome. It was hot sitting in the sun so we left the game a bit early. Suzie was happy to see me get home earlier anyways.
    I hope you have great weather and good winds for sailing. Keep well and happy.
    Ingrid xo

  14. Hey Brian…
    So glad that you’ve decided to keep us land-lubbers up to date – makes for a good read (and well written so “good on ya !”)
    Very proud that you are out there living the dream !

    Keep safe and we’ll be reading with envy.


  15. Hi Brian,
    We hope you managed to reach the peak today. Thanks again for the lift early this morning. Fort Brimstone was fantastic, it is fun to have an unesco world heritage site all for oneself! We are now on a mooring at St Eustatius. Happy travels and it would be great if we would meet up again!! Cheers, Ajan and Maia.

  16. Wow, what an adventurer you are!
    I took up motorcycle riding at 40 and you have done something so much more than that.

    If case your’re wondering who I am, I’m your Mom’s cousin Toivo Matson’s daughter Mabel.

    Great sailin! Here’s to a safe journey and sunny skies.

  17. Hi Mabel! Great to hear from you! I’ve sent you an email. Hope we keep in touch!

  18. It is great to be able to see someone living their dream, You earned it Brian, I wish you all the best as you continue to follow your dreams..

    • Don’t worry folks… that’s not spam. 🙂 Doesn’t have much to do with sailing, but we can call it a entertaining break!

  19. Hi. I am keen to register an interest in becoming a possible crew member aboard Prince Diamond when you begin your Pacific adventure. As this is an open forum I would prefer to communicate by e-mail, where I can tell you more about myself and my sailing abilities. Cheers.

  20. Hi,
    we are a couple 48/55 actually in Costa Rica/Panama and seeking to join a crew for the passage to Tahiti, maybe further. We both have the intern. private yacht licence and src.
    A few months experience on smaller motoryachts and sailing-boats. Very interested in getting more experience. Lived 8 monts in the Bahamas (;-)), sailing on a wharram. Then Martinique and Florida (without boat :-()Free to join in any time, any place in the area round Panama. On you can find more informations: Stefan Gruber/Gabriele Raab or directly: bluepearl,
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  21. A copy of the posting left at

    Mr. Brian Domander,

    First and foremost, Congratulations on being one of the successful people fulfilling their aspirations. It is with such actions that this world moves towards a more peaceful planet and it is easily viewable as a grand accomplishment that your friends and family so rightfully acknowledge as seen on your blog. My name is Skyler Banfill and I too am currently participating in a circumnavigation. I started in central Mexico and have spent the last six months travelling and experiencing to where I currently reside at a resort lodge tucked in the primary rainforest mountains of Costa Rica as the sole volunteer. I came across your post on (through a search on google for crew in Panama). In a month or so, I plan to enter and continue through and about Panama for some time and as I have for all the many previous destinations was searching to explore options. What struck me was really significant is a number of syncronicities with the mission that I have shared and what you have described in your post. This personal voyage (a solo one throughout) was planned for around a years time but had been leading to the opiphany of the reality of it for a lifetime. From the begginning of its creation till the present, when someone inquires about information with a plan, the usually reply I give is along the lines of:

    “Just let the world lead where it does, follow intuition but be in the present not concerned about what could be in the future but to focus on the present and all the beauty that it is.” They usually ask something further of a plan. I have felt it may continue through Central America. I am not sure why, but the whole time through the planning, I have felt a strong pull towards taking a boat or a yacht, but preferably a sailboat through the Panama Canal and make the way to the Galapagos and continue south to Easter Island and return somewhere most likely if the boat path allows it, make a big “U” of South America and make the way to north Africa (Morocco), Spain or continue somewhere along those lines. A huge part of all this though is New Zealand. That is one of the main reasons that this whole trip started for me, was the intention of going there, i feel a big pull, and if possible, may live there someday. If anything changes however, things are diverted, or anything shifts, that’s okay and I will still feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be and everything is as it should.”

    You are the first boat, person, or oppurtunity that has come up in the past year and a half that is a realistic oppurtunity. I understand that you are not in a place to make the decision at this point if you are able to take on crew, but let me tell you sir, that when I saw your post, I was struck a gaze with awe. I too spent time as a firefighter (volunteer) at West Virginia University during school, so I with experience I admire and honor what you have given in service (as you must have) to be a chief. This would add to the admiration I would put forth in dilligent, trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, obedient, thrifty, brave and best work always attitude I would put forth if you so choose to have crew and extend the oppurtunity. Another one of the many things I can offer is cooking experience as I have cooked in several restaraunt and specialty kitchens. If you would so like, I would be happy to communicate or Skype further to share other qualification or if you have any questions or interests. I have hoped to partake in a nautical circumnavigation (I thought that this oppurtunity may come later, maybe with family) in addition to the present (what I expected to be mostly land, but may be more diverse than imagined). You posted you planned to leave from Panama (where I will be in two weeks) in February 2016. If this is something you would like to discuss further, know that this time (on my end) would diligently and easily be conformed to fit a scheduled departure date. Staying in Panama or near for that time or continuing through the “U” of South America and at the return (in 5 or 6 months be wherever was needed). If you wanted for partial of the journey, maybe easter Island and Galapagos, all, or some other section, or if something changed along the way, I am comfortable with the idea of spontaneity and things changing or diverting or finishing with crewmanship if needed or requested (or continuing in its entirety. Regardless of where this communication, workmanship, friendship or whatnot may lead, I again thank you. Thank you for your service of fire leadership, thank you for living your life (a world leadership) and finally, thank you for showing that these oppurtunities do exist, whatever is meant to happen will occur and to keep our eyes and minds concentrated on ease and happiness.

    Be well my friend.
    Skyler (Sky)

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