Kamikaze Carol

My first mate Carol loves the sea.  She hates the land.

In fact, the first thing she did when getting back to the dock after our fueling attempt at Bundaberg, you may remember, was to stab at the concrete dock with her right knee and then roll dramatically to the edge as if she was falling on an enemy hand grenade.  She limped for awhile, but survived without permanent damage.

Yesterday, her annoyance at being on shore showed itself again when with no provocation whatsoever she viciously attacked the concrete sidewalk at MacKay Marina with her left knee.  This morning, she was barely moving and it was clear we had to go to the hospital.  We told the marina staff we’d be staying yet another day at the least and got advice on where to go and how to get there.  An ambulance seemed excessive, a cab expensive, and the 3 hour wait for the next bus too much to contemplate.  Fortunately, a fellow sailor, a Swiss born Australian, was in the office at the moment looking to rent a car for a quick trip to see a doctor.  He kindly took us in as grateful passengers and dropped us off in town at the MacKay Base Hospital.

After telling the staff our problem we learned that Canada does not have some form of reciprocal insurance arrangement with Australia, and just to see Carol would be $500.  I heard $1000.  We were advised by the helpful gentleman we’d get faster and cheaper service at the private hospital, strange as it may sound.  So we grabbed a taxi and headed back in the direction we had come to get to Mater Misericordiae Hospital.  Meaning in Latin “Mother of Mercy”, this hospital is one of a chain found in Australia, but founded in Dublin by the Sisters of Mercy.

And the service turned out to be as fast and efficient as promised.  An X-ray showed no bone damage, and with a new, soft brace, we are ready to finally leave the marina tomorrow.  I may be single-handing once again, as I did for more than a couple of years, with and without my dogs Amber and Chief.  At least I won’t have to be looking for places in which to take Carol ashore for a walk… although a leash might not be such a bad idea.  She’s run out of knees!

Did you know…?
  • Concrete hates Carol too.

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