Another View of Marcus

My friend Jeremy Dixon of the sailboat Moonshadow has sent me a short video he took of his view of Cyclone Marcus while in Bayview Marina.  He experienced the category 2 storm first hand and reported they were “certainly rockin and rollin!”.  Marcus went on to be a severe category 4 storm in the Indian Ocean.

And here is the handsome prince in Bayview Marina, Darwin shortly after Cyclone Marcus blew by, courtesy of Jeremy.  Curiously, somebody’s yellow swim ring has come aboard to visit.  All seems well, with only stretched docklines to show the effects of the wind.  Eagle eyes may detect the slight discoloration of a patch of hull on the starboard side where I had bounced off the sea buoy opposite Savannah, Georgia.  Ugh.

As of now all is calm.  The forecasts show no strong winds at all near Darwin in the near future.

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