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Brian Domander is a graduate of the University of Toronto (Astrophysics 1976) and retired District Fire Chief who proudly served thirty-three years as a front line firefighter in the Toronto Fire Department, later to be the Toronto Fire Services, the largest fire department in Canada and the fifth largest fire department in North America behind New York City, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.  For years he was System Operator (Sysop) of a pre-internet Bulletin Board Service (BBS) called Air Search and Rescue which served to interest the general public in the volunteer organization CASARA who’s members assist the Canadian military in searching for downed aircraft.  Later he created the website Stories From the TFD, no longer online, which related many, many true stories from the fire service, both funny and amazing, which he absorbed over the years while working in Parkdale and The Junction in Toronto, or gratefully received from other firefighters all over the world.

Brian enjoys art and has created a few oil and acrylic works over the years.  These include traditional paintings as well as one large mural for the Toronto Fire Services and two decorative fiberglass moose for Toronto’s charitable Moose In The City project in 2000.  A sampling of his work can be seen here.

Now he fulfills a life long dream to sail the world.  Until recently he was single-handing eastern North America and the Caribbean with his elderly American white shepherd Chief.  But now all efforts are on preparing the boat for a world two-handed circumnavigation, to begin in November, 2015.  The sailboat Prince Diamond is a 2006 Bénéteau Oceanis 423, a former Sunsail charter boat from Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  Joining me in the circumnavigation is my best friend Carol Letman.  Welcome aboard!

Update 2016: Prince Diamond is in Panama and the circumnavigation will resume in February!  Pacific here we come!

Update 2017: Prince Diamond is in Tonga and will resume in April heading toward South Africa.

Capt DomanderADC Domander (small)






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  1. Hi Brian as well as living your dream you are living mine as well. As a retired Captain with the Saint John Fire Department my wife and I are considering something like your plan. We are considering a Beneteau 373 or 393 from Footloose or Sunsail. We were there with our adult children this past spring. I believe that these boats are maintained properly and although they most often have many engine hours there are deals to be found. Unlike you wanting to sail around the world, the Caribbean would be our limit. Thinking of purchasing boat, sailing winter months in BVI’s at first, & summer storage. Do this 2 or 3 years and probably make our way back to New Brunswick where we could cruise Maine, Nova Scotia and the great St John River.
    Love reading your comments and enjoy your trip.

    Steve deForest

    • Hi Steve! Thanks very much for your kind words, brother! Sounds like you have a good plan. I have to say I have no regrets with going with Sunsail on their purchase plan. The boats get used constantly (which is actually good for their longevity) and obviously they have to keep them up or they can’t rent them to customers. So while one gets a boat 5 or 6 years old I think the deal is worth it, especially when one factors in the free use of their boats anywhere in the world during the life of the contract! Best of luck! Keep in touch!

  2. Brian, As you have found out the world is a wonderful place and sailing part of it is the only way to do it. This is an amazing life.

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